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​The Bible explains that we are all born in sin and are sinners. all are in need of God's salvation. There is a broad way that leads to destruction and a narrow way that leads to life (Matthew 7:13, 14). If we remain in our sin, we remain on the broad way that leads to destruction. God sent His Son (the Lord Jesus), so that all may believe on Him and be on the narrow way that leads to life. Many try and find their own way to warrant a place in heaven. The Bible teaches that the work has been done. The Lord Jesus sacrificed His life, so that we may live. His blood was shed on our behalf and for our sin. We must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved (Acts 16:31)?


How to become a Christian


This is an important question. We hold a weekly meeting that gives you the answer. Join us on Sunday night for 45 minutes from 6.30 pm, and you will find the answer. At this meeting you will not be button-holed, asked for money, or pressurised in any way.


If you cannot wait that long then here are some brief answers.


Firstly - What is a Christian?


A Christian is someone who is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a person who has a relationship with God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.


Secondly - Why become a Christian?


Our relationship with God, our creator, has been spoiled by our sin and our disobedience against God and His Word. This is true globally, nationally and individually. This applies to everyone because we all fall short of God's perfect standard (Romans 3 v 23).

Sin has blighted our world, and we must all give account of this to God, when our life is ended. God must also punish our sins, according to His perfect, holy and righteous character.

The only way that our relationship with God can be restored is through God's Son Jesus Christ (1 Tim 2 v 5). This is because He became a man so that He could take the punishment for sins. This happened when He died upon the Cross, at a place called Calvary, outside Jerusalem 2000 years ago.


Thirdly - How do I become a Christian?


Not by attending a certain church or adopting a certain creed. The Bible makes it clear that we become a Christian by simply believing in God's Son, the Lord Jesus. This involves turning our back on our sin (repenting) and trusting wholly on Him as the only way of salvation.


Finally - I am Christian, but not sure what to do next?


The Bible teaches that the first thing that a new Christian should do is be baptised, by immersion. They should also associate with other Christians by becoming a member of a local church. If you would like to find out more about this please contact us.

If you would like to hear more about the Gospel or discuss any of the issues raised please contact us.

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